At Studio Z Design our cabinetry is completely custom built at our woodworking facility in Oakland. As such, we can offer an endless combination of cabinet doors styles, wood species, and finishes. Unfortunately, no project, whether its a new home or a historic remodel, doesn't demand custom solutions. At Studio Z, we specialize in working closely with our clients to ensure their needs are met. We flush out the design issues and pay close attention to the details to build our custom cabinetry. Thereby, in building and finishing our cabintets locally we can accommodate nearly any design and cost challenges.

Kitchen cabinets are typically built in either an inset (flush linlay), traditional overlay (exposed face-frame construction), or Euro style (full overlay). Please see our kitchen cabinet examples to learn more about what style and finishes work for you. All of our examples are kitchens designed and built by Studio Z.

Bath cabinets are similiar to kitchen cabinets in that they also are built in one of the 3 basic styles. But a bathroom vanity may take on a very different feel and therefore may demand more panache and design detail. In our bath cabinet examples, we have included suspended cabinets, matching vanity and countertops such as teak, furniture styled vanities, and more. Check it out!

Under our speciality cabinets, we have included examples that fell outside the usual kitchen and bath cabinetry. Shoe cubby drawers in the mater bedroom closet, sliding natural maple doors, or a solid walnut linen closet are just a few examples of how we can meet our client's unique design requirements.

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