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Our team provides expertise in design, planning, logistics, installation, and contracting–all the elements of a successful building project from start to finish. We work with homeowners in many capacities to ensure that their project is successful and matches their vision. Whether we take our clients through the entire process of their construction project or simply design and build cabinetry, we strive to make the process as well as the project a cohesive and enjoyable experience.

Our team works closely with clients in determining finishing materials including plumbing fixtures, tile, electrical fixtures, countertop options, and room paint colors. We sit down with our clients to determine the final finishes. Our vast knowledge of the latest styles and finishes allows us to guide clients through the process. Rather than send our clients to tile shops, kitchen showrooms, window and paint stores, we bring materials and samples to their home.

There are many advantages to working with a design + build firm. At Studio Z Design and Construction, we can streamline your the project. We have intimate knowledge and experience in building codes and obtaining permits from municipalities. Since we build, we understand costs and can design accordingly to a client's budget. And there are less issues regarding communication among client, designer, and contractor. In this respect, we are better able to advise our clients of budget constraints, building limitations, or in making last minute design changes.

But ultimately, the key to choosing the right designer and contractor for your project is learning of their design ideas and determining if they are a good match for you. Give us a call and we would be happy to explore how we may be able to assist you in your project.


We are happy to provide complete design consultation to any project, whether its a complete house remodel or a vanity cabinet for a small bathroom. We have extensive knowledge and experience in several historical architectural styles. Our design philosophy is not to instill our aesthetic tastes but rather consider our clients' needs and vision as well as consider the home's setting to determine how best to layout the house. In most cases, this means building new spaces that will work with the house's original charm. At other times, the original layout never worked well and requires a total re-design of the layout of the house.

Even the smallest project can be a daunting process for even the most seasoned homeowner. There are several factors that must be considered toward achieving a good design within your budget. At Studio Z Design, we can guide you through the process from at the initial stage of design to the final construction phase. In addition, we can supply you with complete architectural drawings including engineering calculations.

Documents we commonly include:

Design Development: site plans, floor plans, reflected ceiling plans, exterior elevations, interior elevations, building section, wall section(s)

Construction Plans: exterior details, interior details, trade schematics including structural, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing, door and window schedules, fixture and appliance schedule, and complete project specifications.


Studio Z Design & Construction is a California licensed (CA Lic.#909749) General Contractor. We are bonded as required by the State of California and fully insured for general liability as well as maintain workers' compensation for all of our employees. We can assist in obtaining permits from every California city and have extensive experience with the permit process in San Francisco, Oakland, and Piedmont, and Berkeley.

In addition to general contracting services, we strive to maintain "green" building practices and innovative building techniques. In today's building industry, "green" building incorporates a number of building techniques and materials. We have extensive experience on retrofitting homes as well as updating homes with new energy efficient systems including radiant heat, electric solar systems, and alternative water heating systems such as solar and instant water heaters.


We strive to minimize waste by conserving and recycling as much as possible.


Designing kitchens and building custom cabinets is how we got started. All of our cabinets are built locally at our wood shop in west Oakland using only FSC certified wood products and low VOC finishes. Since we build everything in our shop, we can accommodate our clients needs while maximizing space and storage. We open to unique requests and always interested in finding unique solutions. 

From dining room tables, desks, dressers, to side-boards, we can custom build and finish your furniture project.


We pride ourselves in building cabinetry that is custom built to fit our clients' needs. More importantly, we offer competitive pricing for custom cabinets and furniture. And we always include design consultation and installation with our quotes. See our cabinetry page for samples or give us a call to talk about your project. We are always available to offer a free initial consultation.

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